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C4I Center Awards

Sep 2013  
Dr. Sam Malek was chosen to receive the 2013 Mason Emerging Researcher/Scholar/Creator Award for outstanding young faculty. This award is given annually to young scholars who are judged most likely to make significant contributions to their fields. Sam Malek is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science.

June 2013  
Dr. Kathryn Blackmond Laskey, Associate Director of the C4I Center and professor in the SEOR department of VSE won the Best Paper Prize at the International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium for her paper, "Crowdsourced Decision Support for Emergency Responders."

June 2013  
Nicholas Clark of the C4I Center was awarded second place in the 2013 AFCEA Cyber Symposium PlugFest which was held in Baltimore, MD, 25-27 June. The 2013 AFCEA PlugFest focused on making operational cyber impacts clear to Operational Commanders.Data from technology providers used anonymized real commercial data for cyber activity on operations (cyber attacks on oil pipelines), and on communications (cell phones). Three challenger teams turned the technology provider information into clear and compelling web applications, which effectively used the information provided, while collaborating with each other.
Teams and photos.

April 2011  
Jerrit Askvig and his senior design team have won first place in their track at the IEEE Systems and Information Engineering Design Symposium (SIEDS'11) for their paper Turbidity Reduction for the West and Rhode Rivers.

This international forum is the leading showcase for undergraduate and Master's graduate design projects in systems and information engineering. There were papers from 16 schools this year including University of Istanbul and University of Venda (South Africa).

April 2011  
A team of students of our MS in TCOM program supervised by Prof. Jeremy Allnutt, of our Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and also the founding and former Director of the MS in Telecomunications program, won the first prize in the First Annual Competition for Engineering Student Projects on Space Systems. The competition was sponsored and organized by the Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) and took place at Intelsat, Washington, D.C.

The project title is "Satellite Cluster in Orbit Network (SCION)" and the team members are James Bonner, Gregory Bock, Rishab Jaiswal, Neha Nagar, Amit Puranik, Kyurim Rhee, Edward Sestak, and Vidya Venugopal. The work was presented by Rishab, Amit, Edward, and Vidya. Edward Sestak was team leader and his seconds-in-command were Greg Bock and Amit Puranick.

C4I faculty member Bernard Zeigler was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Society for Modeling and Simulation, International (SCS) in July, 2009. This honor is accompanied by a Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding visionary leadership and dedication to increasing the effectiveness and broadening the application of simulation. The award affirms that the inductee's thoughts, words and activities have significantly impacted not only his specific field, but also the use of modeling and simulation throughout the world. In receiving the award, Zeigler became the first person to have been honored in almost all the award categories in the Society's slate. Bernard Zeigler's biography is available here.

The paper, Applying Probabilistic Ontologies to Distributed Predictive Situation Assessment in Naval Operations by Costa, Paulo C. G.; Laskey, Kathryn B.; and Chang, KC presented at the at the 14th International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium (ICCRTS 2009) June 15-17, 2009 in Washington, D.C. won the best paper of the Collaborative Technologies for Network-Centric Operations Track.

The paper, Machine Interpretable Representation of Commander's Intent by Per M. Gustavsson, Dr. Michael R. Hieb, Dr. Lars Niklasson, Dr. Philip Moore, Dr. Patric Eriksson presented at the 13th International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium in Bellevue, WA 2008 won the Best Student Paper Award.

The paper, NATO MSG-048 Coalition Battle Management Initial Demonstration -- Lessons Learned and Way Forward by Dr. J. Mark Pullen, Ole Martin Mevassvik, Nicolas Cordonnier, Sergio Galan, Lionel Khimeche, Lieurenant Sabas Gonzáles Godoy, Dr. Ulrich Schade, Michael Powers, Nico de Rues, Nanne LeGrand, Major Kevin Galvin presented at the IEEE/SISO Simulation Interoperability Workshop, Spring 2008 won the Best Technical Paper Award.

The paper, A Framework for Integrating Command and Control Systems, Geographic Information Systems and Simulations by Dr. Michael R. Hieb, Dr. J. Mark Pullen, David Swann, Gary Scoffield, Kay Pedersen, James Muguira, Michael Powers presented at the Euro Simulation Interoperability Conference in Genoa, Italy June 18-20, 2007 won the Best Technical Paper Award.

The paper, Development of Formal Grammars to Support Coalition Command and Control: A Battle Management Language for Orders, Requests and Reports (I-069), by Drs. Mike Hieb and Ulrich Schade, was nominated for the Best Paper Award for the 11th International Command and Control Research Technology Symposium in Cambridge, England, September 2006.

The paper, Formalizing Battle Management Language: A Grammar for Specifying Orders, by Drs. Mike Hieb, C4I Center and Ulrich Schade, FGAN-FKIE, has been awarded the 2006 Spring "SIWzie" Award.

Network EducationWare (NEW) was awarded first place in the First International Competition of Non-Commercial Software Systems, Tools, and Products for Web-based Education, February 23, 2005.
Awarded by: International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED) Fourth International Conference, Grindelwald, Switzerland. Photos

We are very proud to announce that three George Mason University students won nominations for Best Student Paper at the International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium 2005.

Last updated: 10/29/2013