Program Committee

The Program Committee is as follows (in alphabetic order):

Paulo C. G. Costa - George Mason University, USA.

Bruce D'Ambrosio - Cleverset, Inc., USA.

Yoshio Fukushige - Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Japan. W3C Fellow.

Kathryn B. Laskey - George Mason University, USA.

Kenneth J. Laskey - MITRE Corporation, USA. Member of the W3C Advisory Board.

Anders Madsen - Hugin Expert A/S, Denmark.

Scott Marshall - Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Bill McDaniel - Adobe Systems, Inc., USA.

Leo Obrst - MITRE Corporation, USA.

Yung Peng - University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA.

Michael Pool - Information Extraction & Transport, Inc., USA.

Masami Takikawa - Information Extraction & Transport, Inc. USA.

Last Modified, May 31th 2005

November, 7th 2005
Galway, Ireland

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