Tribute to Berndt Brehmer

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 1.33.45 PMDr. Berndt Brehmer, 74, passed away in May 2014. Dr. Brehmer was a Professor in Command and Control (C2) at the Swedish National Defense College and was one of the first professors at the National Defense College. He made invaluable contributions in both the theory of C2 as well as establishing the subject of military studies in Sweden. For years, Berndt acted as Deputy President of the Swedish National Defense College.

Over the years Berndt has produced a large body of research in the field of command and control studies. Berndt developed a conceptual framework for C2 covered in the Dynamic Observe Orient Decide and Act Loop (DOODA-Loop) and including concepts such as Dynamic Decision Making and Harmony of Effort.

Berndt’s classic paper “Command without Commanders” won the best paper award at the 2009 14th International Command and Control Research Technologies Symposium in Washington DC.

Berndt will be missed by many, including his friends and colleagues at the GMU C4I Center.