Dr. Insub Shin joins C4I & Cyber Center


Director of Cybersecurity Architectures Research

Brigadier General Insub Shin (Korea Army, retired) is the Director of Cybersecurity Architectures Research at the C4I & Cyber Center at George Mason University. General Shin joined GMU in 2016 as a Research Scholar at the Department of Electric and Computer Engineering at George Mason University after a 30-year career in military service with significant experience in C4I and Cyber. Immediately before his retirement, General Shin served as Secretary for Cyber Security to the President of Korea. He also served as Secretary for Military Science & Technology to the Minister of National Defense of Korea and as Director of R&D Center at the Korea Cyber Command.

Dr. Shin received his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Korea Military Academy (1985), the M.S. degree in Telecommunications System Management from the US Naval Postgraduate School (1990), and the Ph.D. degree in Information Technology from George Mason University (2001) with system architecting as his area of specialization. He has authored a book “Principles of C3” (1995); received best paper award of “Network Centric Warfare” from CCRP (2000); taught DoD C4ISR architecting courses at AFCEA using both Structured Analysis & Object Oriented Approaches (1998~2000); and was a research associate at the System Architectures Laboratory at the C3I Center and led research on decisions with Course of Actions development, Effects-Based Operations, Information Warfare (offensive) & Information Assurance (defensive).

For the last fifteen years, he worked in the full spectrum of cyber security domain from practice to strategy. His current research interest is a cyber security architecture framework for a conceptual legacy firm; especially applicable for human engaged Cyber-Physical Systems. It may include modeling cyber threats, formalizing cyber IPB & BDA processes, organizational strategy, and systemic implementation to secure the cyberspace of an organization with a system of systems.