NATO Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXercise (CWIX) 2019

The CWIX exercise is an annual event, based at the Joint Forces Training Center (JFTC) in Bydogszcz, Poland, and extended widely through the classified Combined Federated Battle Laboratories Network (CFBLNet) and the unclassified Internet. CWIX focuses strongly on highly structured testing of systems that claim to be interoperable.

C2SIM Validation testing in CWIX 2019 was conducted using virtual private networks (VPNs) over the unclassified Internet. The national teams that participated were: Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, and USA (sites at GMU, ATEC Huntsville AL, and NPS Monterey CA). At the end of testing, eleven of the twelve Test Cases were reported with full success. The twelfth case was a limited success; the server problem with that case was resolved the next day. For more information…

CWIX Modeling and Simulation group

—end of a long day of testing—
Lt Col Biagini of NATO MSCOE and Sebastian Steigler of German company iABG
and Dr. Mark Pullen of the C4I and Cyber Center at George Mason University