C4I and Cyber Center Attributes

To serve as a multi-disciplinary hub connecting faculty and researchers with interests in the Center’s mission and be widely recognized as a premier source of knowledge and innovation to military and civilian authorities.

The Center’s mission is to perform advanced research in defense, intelligence, and security-related applications in IT and Cyber; bridging cultural gaps and aligning requirements between government, industry, and academia.


  • Provide an intellectual base for the C4I & Cyber area
  • Integrate theories and results across disciplines for more understanding at the systems level
  • Impact the synthesis and analysis of C4I & Cyber systems
  • Bridge cultural gaps among government, industry and academia in C4I & Cyber


Our center works in a broad spectrum of research interests, such as, sensing and fusion, C4 architectures, communications and signal processing, command support and intelligent systems, modeling and simulation, and information systems. In addition, the Center’s leading edge work in probabilistic ontologies, information fusion, C2-Simulation interoperation, probabilistic forecasting, applied cybersecurity and cyber policy have established the Center as a significant research contributor in the Intelligence Community. The Center provides a bridge between Mason faculty expertise and the needs of the Defense and Intelligence communities’ information technology users and research organizations. The Center conducts active outreach programs to government and industry, and is a leading contributor to NATO, AFCEA, STIDS and ICRRTS conferences.