C4I and Cyber Center Seminar Series:
C2 Challenges in Integrating Human and Machine Forces for Future Missions

Presented by: Capt Ricardo Fernandes, (BAF)

Abstract: In both operational and tactical environment, planning and operations involve complex goals with intertwining demands that require tight synchronization among all actors in the battlefield. This becomes even more critical due to the fog of war, which when combined with the dynamic nature of such environments more often than not exposes combatants to unpredicted or even unknown situations. This poses a demand for agile planning and great adaptability from the forces, which can be greatly facilitated with the use of advanced collaboration techniques that apply cognition as a catalyst for smooth interaction between players in a battlefield – no matter whether humans or machines. In other words, addressing these challenges requires a response process that involves automated perception of the environment, reasoning capabilities, and the ability to produce and select appropriate responses to complex situations. In the near future, Humans and Machines will need to collaborate within this process and at mixed levels of Autonomy. In this talk, I will present the research I am doing in the C4I and Cyber Center aimed at reaching this level of collaboration, where humans and machines need to be able to interact on the cognitive Level. The talk will include theoretical aspects of this hybrid cognitive collaboration, as well as a description of how we are using simulation as a tool for evaluating such ideas.

Speaker Bio: RICARDO FERNANDES is a Capitan in the Brazilian Army who currently holds a Fernandezpost-Doctoral position at Mason’s C4I and Cyber Center. He works with the research, specification and development of command and control systems for Brazilian Army operations. His research interests involve cognitive aspects of multi-agents collaboration. He can be reached via e-mail at fernandes@c4i.gmu.edu.

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

C4I Center ENGR 4705