C4I Center Seminar Series:
Develop Complex Environment to Evaluate
the Impact of Cyber Actions on the Operational Domain

Dr. Paulo Costa presents
“Develop Complex Environment to Evaluate
the Impact of Cyber Actions on the Operational Domain “


Evaluating the impact that events within the cyber domain have on an ongoing air control operation is a non-trivial question, which remains unanswered so far in spite of the various research efforts addressing it. The key issue underlying this question is the difficulty in correlating cyber and physical behaviors in an integrated view, and thus allowing for a continuous analysis of how actions in one domain affect the other. This presentation will show a simulation framework (Cyber-Argus), which has been developed within the C2 Simulation Testbed – a partnership between GMU and the Brazilian Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA, after the Portuguese acronym). Cyber-Argus provides a direct evaluation of cyber impact over the air control operations, enabling an analyst to act proactively in both protection and impact mitigation. A scenario will be presented at the end of the talk, as a means to illustrate the main concepts involved in this research and its evaluation.


Paulo C. G. Costa is Associate Professor with the Department of paulocostaSystems Engineering and Operations Research and Research Director for International Activities at the C4I Center. Together with Dr. Mike Hieb and Maj. Alexandre Barreto (Brazilian Air Force and ITA), he is part of the team working on this research via the C2 Collaborative Research Testbed. Prof. Costa’s teaching and research interests comprise the areas of systems design and integration, multi-sensor information fusion, Bayesian reasoning, predictive analysis, and Decision Theory. He is a retired Brazilian Air Force Officer with extensive experience in procurement and requirements engineering for complex systems.

10:30 am - 11:30 am

Engineering Building Room 4705