NATO MSG-085 Final Demonstration

NATO MSG-085 Final Demonstration

NATO MSG-085 conducted its final demonstration at Fort Leavenworth, KS on 12 Dec 2013, as planned. The GMU C4I Center played a significant role.

NATO MSG-085 presented a demonstration featuring military operational use of command and control (C2) systems interoperating with combat simulations. The demonstration was hosted by the Mission Command Battle Laboratory (MCBL) at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and featured six national non-US C2 systems and five national simulations, supported by servers from two different nations, linked into a single system of systems. Standards used were the Military Scenario Definition Language (MSDL) and Coalition Battle Management Language (C-BML), along with elements of the Joint Consultation, Command and Control Information Exchange Data Model (JC3IEDM).

The operational focus of the demonstration was joint and combined mission planning, operating in a breakthrough parallel, collaborative mode across brigade and battalion echelons of a multinational coalition force. Personnel and systems from nine nations (23 personnel) participated at Leavenworth while personnel from the United Kingdom and Spain participated from their home locations via Internet links. Military subject matter experts (SMEs) provided by the MCBL played roles of brigade and battalion commanders and contributed a critique of the operational employment that was highly positive and also offered avenues for future improvement.

The demonstration was well attended by US and international military and supporting civilian personnel, who offered mainly positive comments and recommendations to improve operational utility; for example, they expressed the need to resolve security issues before deployment. The senior military attendee was Brigadier General Thomas S. James, Director of the US Army Mission Command Center of Excellence, who stated very positively that the category of systems demonstrated by MSG-085 should have an important role in supporting a wide range of future military operations by the US and its coalition partners.

12/08/2013 - 12/15/2013

McHugh Training Center and Mission Command Battle Lab,