GMU Security Symposium for Research Grants

University-wide Symposium Focused on Security

The C4I & Cyber Center took part in a security symposium on February 12, 2016. The goal was to encourage cross-disciplinary and multi-organizational research across the university and to inform outside players of the research that’s underway. As was done last year, the Provost is offering seed grants (Tier 1 $50K and Tier 2 $25K) to encourage the development of:

“cutting-edge initiatives put forward by multidisciplinary teams of investigators across academic units. These teams can be comprised of Mason faculty, staff, students, and/or community partners and must be supported by the leadership of involved units. The awarded seed grants will provide catalyst funding to pilot projects that support truly innovative ideas, foster collaboration across colleges and academic units, strengthen undergraduate and graduate student learning experiences, and afford opportunities for external funding in the future.”

We presented posters for four initiatives:
– A Concept for “Trustable Internet Research” led by Mark Pullen
Poster: Trustable Internet

“Networked Support for UN Peacekeeping Operations” led by Mike Hieb
in conjunction with the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution
(S-CAR) and the School of Policy, Government and International Affairs
Poster: GMU UN C2 Poster

“Bring Your Own Protection (BYOP): A Smart Network of Wearable Devices
to Protect Large Crowds”
led by Kathy Laskey, Edward Huang, Abbas
Zaidi, Paulo Costa of the C4I & Cyber Center and the SEOR Department of
the Volgenau School of Engineering (VSE), plus collaboration with
Fernando Camelli of the Department of Physics and Astronomy
Poster: GMU BYOP Poster

“Command and Control of Mixed Human and Robotic Forces” led
by Michael Hieb and Paulo Costa of the Center and Captain Ricardo
Fernandes, Brazilian Army Systems Development Center
Poster: GMU HyCCo Poster