Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee is as follows (in alphabetic order):

Fernando Bobillo is a PhD student at the Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence of the University of Granada, Spain, where he is a member of the Approximate Reasoning and Artificial Intelligence research group. His main research topic is the integration of Description Logics with frameworks for handling uncertainty and imprecision, mainly Fuzzy Logic. He is also involved in the development of several Semantic Web applications.

Paulo C. G. Costa is an Affiliate Professor to the C4I Center at George Mason University.  He is a researcher in the field of Bayesian reasoning with a background in multi-sensor data fusion, decision support and knowledge engineering. He developed PR-OWL, a probabilistic extension to the OWL Web Language based on the First Order Bayesian Logic MEBN.

Claudia d’Amato is a researcher on the study and synthesis of dissimilarity measures among concepts expressed in Description Logic to be applied to Semantic Web for conceptual clustering and classification. She is a research fellow at the LACAM Lab, Department of Computer Science, University of Bari, Italy.

Nicola Fanizzi is an Assistant Professor from the of  the Università Dipartimento di Informatica delgi Studi di Bari, Italy.

Kathryn B. Laskey is an associate professor of Systems Systems Engineering and Operations Research at George Mason University. She has done extensive research in methods for Bayesian knowledge modeling and dynamic knowledge-based model construction. She has developed a probabilistic modeling language encompassing first-order logic and mechanisms for dynamic model construction.

Kenneth J. Laskey is lead engineer and technical lead for the Information Semantics group at the MITRE Corporation. He is a member of the W3C Advisory Board and has worked extensively on issues relating to metadata and semantic interoperability.

Thomas Lukasiewicz is currently holding a Heisenberg Fellowship by the German Research Foundation (DFG), affiliated both at the Oxford University Computing Laboratory and at the Institute of Information Systems of the Vienna University of Technology. His main research interests are in AI, the Semantic Web, and databases.

Trevor Martin is a Professor of Artificial Intelligence and senior research fellow, working on Intelligent Information Management including information integration in soft hierarchies, soft computing for the semantic web, personalization and user modeling in the Intelligent Systems Group at Adastral Park.

Matthias Nickles is a lecturer and a member of the AI Group at the University of Bath, UK. His research is mainly concerned with communication and the formal representation and social acquisition of possibly uncertain knowledge in open environments such as the Semantic Web, multiagent systems, and social software.

Michael Pool is a senior ontologist at Convera Technologies developing tools and methods for incorporating semantics into search technology. He has been a project manager on projects for developing systems for merging diverse data sources and probabilistic knowledge elicitation and learning.  He has published on the compatibility of human and machine cognition, hybrid knowledge representations and formalizations, and problems in Bayesian scientific theory.

Pavel Smrz is an associate professor at the Brno University of Technology. His research interests include fuzzy and probabilistic knowledge representation and reasoning for NLP and multimedia systems.