C5I Center Faculty and Affiliates


Dr. Paulo Costa
Probabilistic Ontologies, Multi-sensor Information Fusion,
Safety and Security of Cyber-physical and Autonomous Systems

Directors Emeriti:

Dr. Harry L. Van Trees -In Memorium-
Detection and Estimation Theory, Array Signal Processing, Bayesian Bounds

Dr. J. Mark Pullen
Distributed Systems for Command and Control, Collaboration, Education and
Training; and Networked Multimedia Technologies to support these systems;
Command and Control Systems – Simulation Systems Interoperability

Deputy Director:

Dr. Michael Hieb
Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence; Situation Assessment
Modeling & Simulation; Semantics and Computational Linguistics,
Battle Management Language

Executive Advisor:

Dr. Linton Wells, II [*]
Cybersecurity; C4 and open-source ISR in civil-military environments and
improving those environments; smart cities; critical infrastructure protection;
convergence across biotech-robotics-information-nanotech-energy (BRINE);
security implications of the societal impacts of AI and automation

Associate Director for Education Initiatvies and Work Force Development

Dr. Peggy Brouse
Cyber Security, Decision Support, Process Improvement

Associate Director for Systems Security & Cyber Resilience

Dr. Nicholas Clark
Cybersecurity, Securing the IoT, Information-Centric Networking
Systems Administration and Management

Associate Director for Center Operations

Dr. Sherry Crissman
Operations, Applied Research, Field Experimentation
Program Management

Associate Director for Intelligent Systems & Integration:

Dr. Ali K. Raz
Intelligent and autonomous systems; complex adaptive systems,
Information fusion; model-based systems engineering

Current Project Investigators (Alphabetical Order):

Affiliated GMU Faculty:

Dr. Tanvir Arafin
Hardware Security, Data Privacy, and Trusted Computing for
Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems

Dr. James Baldo
Data Bias, Large Scale Data Repositories,
Cloud Computing-ML Services, MLOps

Dr. Peggy Brouse
Cyber Security, Decision Support, Process Improvement

Dr. KC Chang
Multisensor Data Fusion, Multitarget Tracking, Situation Assessment,
Bayesian Networks, Artificial Neural Networks

Dr. Thomas M. Clemons
Space and missile defense systems engineering and their operational use,
the use of Autonomous Systems on the battlefield and
cyber and electronic warfare integration

Dr. Kenneth W. Comer
Agent based modelling and asymmetric warfare

Dr. Zoran Duric
Computer Vision, Video Image Processing, Human-Computer Interaction,
Vision Based Control, and Physics-Based Modeling

Dr. Jair Feldens Ferrari
Electronic Warfare, Search and Rescue Operations Planning,
Discrete Event Simulation, Research Portfolio Management

Dr. Isaac Gang
Data Analytics (Algorithms and Data Bias), Cybersecurity (Ransomware),
and Image Processing

Dr. Michael Hieb
Coordinator, International C2 Activities, C4I Center
Command & Control/Simulation Interoperation; Battle Management Language

Dr. Moinul Hossain
Wireless Network Security, Next-gen Radio Spectrum Technologies,
Intelligent Transportation Systems

Dr. Liling Huang

Dr. Kathryn Blackmond Laskey
Bayesian Inference and Decision Theory; Multi-Source Fusion,

Dr. Tod Levitt
Multi-source information fusion, Decision support system design,
Computer vision and image understanding

Dr. Shou Matsumoto
Probabilistic Ontology, Multi-Entity Decision Graph, Bayesian inference,
domain engineering in software product line

Dr. Art Pyster
Systems Engineering Organization and Management, Systems Engineering Education
and Workforce Development, and Systems Security

Dr. Ali Khalid Raz
Complex Systems and System of Systems Engineering, Exploring synergies between
Machine Learning, Information Fusion, and Systems Engineering for
Integrated Autonomous Systems

Dr. Robert Simon
Networks, Wireless Systems, Distributed Computing and Modeling
and Performance Analysis

Dr. Girum Urgessa
Structural Dynamics (emphasis on blast/impact), Composite Materials
(emphasis on structural retrofits), Stability (emphasis on temporary structures)

Major General Robert E. Wheeler (USAF RET)
Air campaign analysis; European security issues; strategic deterrence
and nuclear operations

Dr. Elizabeth White
Software Architecture, Formal Methods for Software Verification, Distributed
Computing, Middleware, and Heterogeneous Systems and Dynamic Reconfiguration

Dr. Duminda Wijesekera
Security, Multimedia, Networks, Control and Signalling (Telecom, Railway
and SCADA, Defensive Missiles), Web and Logic in Computer Science

Dr. Ziyu Yao
Natural Language Processing, Human-AI Interaction, Semantic Parsing,
Language and Code, Efficient NLP/AI, Question Answering

Dr. Bo Yu
Security, information privacy laws and organizational policies
enforcement, semantic technologies, and probabilistic reasoning,
wireless 5G technologies and 5G connected vehicles

Dr. Abbas Zaidi
Computing, Middleware, and Heterogeneous Systems and Dynamic Reconfiguration,
Multi and Meta-modeling, Discrete Event Systems, Semiconductor Manufacturing,
Formal Methods for Validation and Verification

C5I Affiliate Faculty:

Dr. Alexandre de Barros Barreto
C4I Center Command & Control/Simulation, Cyber Security,
Air Transportation

Dr. Walter Christman
Global knowledge networking, global resilience, and
innovative strategic partnerships through information technology

Dr. Per Gustavsson
Command & Control/Simulation Interoperation; Battle Management Language;
and Decision Support Systems

Dr. Daniel Maxwell
Military operations research, simulation, military transformation, C4ISR analyses,
command and control, and decision-making

Research Professor Dr. Hideto Tomabechi
Quasi-destructive graph unification, neural networks

Dr. Charles Twardy
Causal modeling with Bayesian networks, Bayesian credibility models for sensors
and human sources, information theoretic sensor selection methods, hierarchical
fusion models for image recognition, and embedding game theory in Bayesian

C5I Professional Staff:

Mr. Douglas Corner
Principal author of the Scripted BML Web Services project;
performance testing of the BTRA geospatial engines for TEC